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12/25/01 Dean Koenig The Christmas Star Listen Now

12/18/01 Dean and Donna Koenig Starizona Listen Now

12/11/01 Suzanne Jacoby and Gale Pollen Astronomy Education Listen Now

12/04/01 Dave Brody, Brent Tully, Tom Anderson, and Chase Masterson Space.com Listen Now

11/27/01 11/27/01 63 Listen Now

11/6/01 Gil Esquerdo Observing Comets and meteors Listen Now

10/30/01 Amy Hartmann Mars Exploration Listen Now

10/23/01 Debra Fisher Searching for, and Discovering Extra Solar Planets Listen Now

10/9/01 Don McCarthey Infrared Astronomy Listen Now

10/2/01 Tom Gehrels Life as an Astronomer Listen Now

9/25/01 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Interview with Buzz Aldrin Listen Now

9/18/01 Rabbi Thomas Louchheim with Sky and Telescope editor Rick Feinberg Memorial Discussion about the WTC and Pentagon Tragedy: An Attack on our Planet. Listen Now

9/4/01 Dean Koenig Let's Talk Stars 1st Anniversary Show Listen Now

8/28/01 Roy Bishop Observing Solar Eclipses Listen Now

8/21/01 Dr. John Percy Astronomy Education,
Variable star observing
Listen Now

8/14/01 Bob and Lisa Sommerfield "Astronomy on the Road" Listen Now

8/7/01 Brian Marsden "Cosmic Cop" Reporting of Comets and other Astronomical phenomenon Listen Now

7/31/01 Wayne "Mr. Galaxy" Johnson Supernovae Listen Now

7/24/01 Humberto Campins Where are the young Astronomers?
Meteors, Comets, and the Evolution of the Solar System
Listen Now

7/17/01 David and Wendee Levy Stars - Evolution and Terminology Listen Now

7/10/01 David and Wendee Levy Astronomical Terminology Listen Now

7/3/01 Scott Tucker Getting Started in Astrophotography Listen Now

6/19/01 Jim Scotti, Tim Hunter, and Michael Magee David Levy, the Man Listen Now

6/12/01 Jean Mueller and Carolyn Shoemaker Discovery
   Comets - Supernovae - Near Earth Asteroids
Listen Now

6/5/01 Rob McNaught Comets and meteors Listen Now

5/29/01 Dr. William Boynton and Amy Hartmann Mars Listen Now

5/22/01 Miles O'Brien - CNN's Space Correspondent Space and the Media Listen Now

5/15/01 Wendee Levy with Carolyn Shoemaker Comet hunting, Asteroids, Women in Astronomy Listen Now

5/8/01 Wendee Levy Comet hunting, Asteroids Listen Now

5/1/01 Don Davis Planetary Science Institute Listen Now

4/24/01 Dan Brocious Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Listen Now

4/17/01 Wendee Levy Meteor Showers Listen Now

4/10/01 Bill Hartmann Mars, the Creation of the Moon, Astronomical Art Listen Now

4/3/01 Rick McCallum The Joys of Amateur Astronomy Listen Now

3/27/01 Guest Host Wendee Levy with Gil Esquerdo Searching for Comets and Asteroids Listen Now

3/20/01 David Crawford International Dark Sky Association Listen Now

3/13/01 Bob Gent and Maryann Arrien International Dark Sky Association
The Astronomical League
Listen Now

3/6/01 Tim Hunter Astrophotography, Messier Objects Listen Now

2/27/01 Jack and Shelia Tepper Why Study Astronomy? Listen Now

2/20/01 Lisa Leventhal Teaching Astronomy to Children Listen Now

2/13/01 Carolyn Porco Cassini Imaging Project Listen Now

2/6/01 Joan Rosenthal 1999 Solor Eclipse Listen Now

1/31/01 Rabbi Tom Louchheim Judaism and Astronomy Listen Now

1/23/01 Mark Sykes IRAS, Comet debris trails Listen Now

1/16/01 Adam Block Kitt Peak National Observatory Listen Now

1/9/01 Tom Bopp Comet hunting Listen Now

1/2/01 Peter Jedicke Astronomical Opera Listen Now

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