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12/30/03 Robert Zimmerman Robert's Book: Leaving Earth Listen Now

12/23/03 Vic and Jen Winter November 23, 2003 Total Eclipse in Antarcta Listen Now

12/16/03 Dr. Richard Powell Optics,
Attracting young people to scientific education
Listen Now

12/9/03 David and Wendee Levy November 8, 2003 Lunar Eclipse Listen Now

12/2/03 David and Wendee Levy 3 new books:
David Levy's Guide to the Night Sky, David Levy's Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets, and Cosmology 101
Listen Now

11/25/03 Marc Airhart Earth & Sky
Memories of Space on Radio and TV
Listen Now

11/18/03 Dr. Tony Phillips Recovery of Asteroid Hermes Listen Now

11/11/03 Jane Houston Jones and Morris "Mojo" Jones An Astronomical Couple Listen Now

11/4/03 Guillermo Yañez Amateur Astronomy in Chile Listen Now

10/28/03 David Bell, Leslie Vertue, and Neil Parker Whirlpool Star Party and Green Witch Listen Now

10/21/03 Ivar Smits Celestial Navigation and Minor Planet Research Listen Now

10/14/03 David and Wendee Levy Whirlpool Star Party
3rd Earl of Rosse Telescope
Listen Now

10/7/03 Al Nagler Eyepieces Listen Now

9/30/03 David and Wendee Levy General Overview: Telescopes, Eyepieces, Mounts, etc. Listen Now

9/23/03 John Dobson with Andy Poniros Sidewalk Astronomers and Dobsonian Telescopes Listen Now

9/16/03 David Lunt and Gerry Hogan Coronado Technology Group Listen Now

9/9/03 Connie Walker and Robert Wilson Kitt Peak National Observatory's Project Astro and Family Astro Listen Now

9/2/03 David and Wendee Levy Mars, Columbia Listen Now

8/26/03 Rick Hedrick Celestron Listen Now

8/19/03 Tom Glinos From 20" to 20" Listen Now

8/12/03 Pat and Ed Vega Changes in Astronomy & Benson Bed and Breakfast Listen Now

8/5/03 Janet Mattei American Assoc. of Variable Star Observers Listen Now

7/29/03 Scott Roberts AstronomyOutreach.net Listen Now

7/22/03 Carter Smith Young People in Astronomy Listen Now

7/15/03 David Lavery Interviews with 8 amateur astronomers Listen Now

7/8/03 David Lavery 2003 Mars Rovers Listen Now

7/1/03 Adam Block A night on Kitt Peak Listen Now

6/24/03 Bob and Lisa Summerfield Astronomy to go
"Life on the Road"
Listen Now

6/17/03 Dr. Tony Phillips NASA's science.nasa.gov web site Listen Now

6/10/03 David and Wendee Levy Interviews with Astronomers Listen Now

6/3/03 David and Wendee Levy Observing and Discovering Comets Listen Now

5/27/03 Valerie Goff Living with Bob Goff Listen Now

5/20/03 Carolyn Shoemaker and Jeff Wynn Discussion of Observing Runs with David and Wendee Listen Now

5/13/03 David and Wendee Levy The Transit of Mercury Listen Now

5/6/03 David and Wendee Levy A Passion for Observing Projects, Part II Listen Now

4/29/03 David and Wendee Levy A Passion for Observing Projects, Part I Listen Now

4/22/03 Tom Gehrels Farewell Pioneer 10 Listen Now

4/15/03 Gerald Cecil An old friend reminisces Listen Now

4/8/03 Jack and Shirley Schechter Some Thoughts of Two Amateur Astronomers Listen Now

4/1/03 Curt Harris First Night Out Listen Now

3/25/03 Dean Koenig Choosing and Using a Telescope Listen Now

3/18/03 Vic and Jen Winter Our Spacious Skies Listen Now

3/11/03 Robert Jedicke and Marcia Bartusiak The Joy of Physics! Listen Now

3/4/03 David and Wendee Levy What do you need when you go out to observe? Listen Now

2/25/03 Vic and Jen Winter Observing a Solar Eclipse at midnight Listen Now

2/18/03 Rick Fienberg Interview with Sky and Telescope's Editor Listen Now

2/11/03 Dean and Donna Koenig She was flying for me:
A Tribute to Laurel B. Clark.
Listen Now

2/4/03 Mike Reynolds, Steve O'Meara, and Miles O'Brian Columbia: Hail and Farewell Listen Now

1/28/03 Davd and Wendee Levy Recording Observing Sessions Listen Now

1/21/03 Dean Ketelsen Grand Canyon Star Party Listen Now

1/14/03 David and Wendee Levy Stellar Evolution Listen Now

1/7/03 David and Wendee Levy Solar Observing Listen Now

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