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12/28/04 Friends in Chile Amateur Astronomers of Chile - Part II Listen Now

12/21/04 Friends in Chile Amateur Astronomers of Chile - Part I Listen Now

12/14/04 Carolyn Shoemaker Remembering Palomar Listen Now

12/7/04 George Lilley The Bagpiping Astronomer Listen Now

11/30/04 Friends at Kitt Peak Total Lunar Eclipse Listen Now

11/23/04 Various Friends Thoughts about Wernher VonBraun Listen Now

11/16/04 Gary Fujihara Outreach at Mauna Kea Listen Now

11/9/04 Joe and Rita Wright The "Wright" People Listen Now

11/2/04 Ed Finney and Richard Dougall Enthusiastic Amateurs Listen Now

10/26/04 John Dobson and Andy Poniros Cosmology and Telescopes Listen Now

10/19/04 Various Friends The Adirondack Astronomy Retreat! Listen Now

10/12/04 Norm Sperling What your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You Listen Now

10/5/04 Questions by Dave Richardson Intermediate Observing Listen Now

9/28/04 Various friends AstroCon Conference Listen Now

9/21/04 Various friends Southern Skies Star Party
From: Bolivia
Listen Now

9/14/04 You - the listeners E-mail Letters - Questions and Answers Listen Now

9/7/04 Dutch Astronomy and American Art Kandra Kargo and Cor Simons Listen Now

8/31/04 Mrs. Pluto Patsy Tombaugh Listen Now

8/24/04 Recording of Data Images and Passages on Film Randall Meyers and Rajiv gupta Listen Now

8/17/04 The Two Summits - Tranist of Venus - the adventure continues Steve O'Meara Listen Now

8/10/04 Univeristy of Arizona Astronomy Camp Listen Now

8/3/04 Richard Kowalski and Roy Tucker Asteroid work from the inside out Listen Now

7/27/04 Debra Tigner Star Talks Listen Now

7/20/04 Various Friends Texas Star Party Listen Now

7/13/04 William Bradfield Australian Comet Discoverer Listen Now

7/6/04 Tom Wideman Observing From the Cockpit Listen Now

6/29/04 Kelly Beatty "Night Sky" It's out there! Listen Now

6/22/04 Larry Stein, Tim and Carol Hunter, Peter and Dianne Jedicke, and Wendee and David Levy Transit of Venus Listen Now

6/15/04 Barrett Honors Class Short Talks - From Shakespeare to Space Listen Now

6/8/04 Peter Jedicke Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem Listen Now

6/1/04 Misc. Friends Lyrid Meteor Shower (4/22/04) Listen Now

5/25/04 Tom Glinos, Peter Jedicke, and Sten Odenwald Transit of Venus Listen Now

5/18/04 Galileo Galilei and John Milton Two Great Men Chat Listen Now

5/11/04 In memoriam: Janet Mattei This hour is a rebroadcast of our August 5, 2003 interview with the famous variable star astronomer.
Rest in peace, Janet.
Listen Now

5/4/04 Telescopes for Telethon A 'live' remote Listen Now

4/27/04 Bill Hartmann A Traveler's Guide to Mars Listen Now

4/20/04 International Dark Sky Association Saving the night around the world Listen Now

4/13/04 Sten Odenwald Astronomy Café Listen Now

4/6/04 Mitzi Adams and Rebecca Knobel Generations in Astronomy Listen Now

3/30/04 Dan Falk Universe on a T-Shirt Listen Now

3/23/04 Carolyn Shoemaker Palomar Revisited Listen Now

3/16/04 Mark Sykes Planetary Science Institute Listen Now

3/9/04 Clark Chapman Planetary Scientist Listen Now

3/2/04 Brother Guy Consolmagno A chat with a Vatican astronomer Listen Now

2/24/04 David and Wendee Levy President Bush's Space Plan Listen Now

2/17/04 Kelly Beatty Night Sky Magazine Listen Now

2/10/04 Triple Nickel NASA, the sky, and the Shuttle Listen Now

2/3/04 Terri Lappin Night Sky Network Listen Now

1/27/04 Noreen Grice Touching the Stars Listen Now

1/20/04 Mike Virgintino and Clay Burns "Kyosei": Canon and the environment Listen Now

1/13/04 Dave Brody Space.com - Let's Talk Mars Listen Now

1/6/04 Brad Ehrhorn The RC Optical Telescope Listen Now

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