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01/23/07 David & Wendee Levy 2006 Astronomy Year in Review Listen Now

01/30/07 David & Wendee Levy Adirondack Retreat Listen Now

02/06/07 Mario Motta Mario Motta Listen Now

02/13/07 Rolf Meier Rolf Meier Listen Now

02/21/07 David & Wendee Levy Star Night Listen Now

05/15/07 David & Wendee Levy Winter Sky Listen Now

06/19/07 David & Wendee Levy Atlantis Listen Now

06/30/07 David & Wendee Levy Satellites in the Night Listen Now

07/03/07 David & Wendee Levy Summer Sky Listen Now

07/17/07 Ann Miklos Ann Miklos: The Interview Listen Now

07/24/07 Ann Miklos The Story of Columbia and Her Watch Listen Now

09/11/07 Joe Lupica Celestron's Sky Scout Listen Now

09/18/07 Andrew Fraknoi Project Family ASTRO Listen Now

09/25/07 Bob Masterson Adirondack Astronomy Retreat Listen Now

10/02/07 Glenda Phillips & Wendee Levy Adirondack Astronomy Retreat Listen Now

10/09/07 Peter Jedicke, Mike Barton & Bradley Feldman Adirondack Astronomy Retreat Listen Now

10/16/07 Michael Terenzoni Total Eclipse of the Moon Listen Now

10/23/07 David & Wendee Levy Starry Night Festival 2007 Listen Now

10/30/07 David & Wendee Levy Hands on the Sun 2007 Listen Now

11/06/07 Ken Mohr 50 Years of Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomy Society Listen Now

11/13/07 David & Wendee Levy Collecting Moonlight: The Concept Listen Now

11/20/07 David & Wendee Levy Collecting Moonlight: The Experience Listen Now

11/27/07 Sten Odenwald Sten Odenwald and the Sun Listen Now

12/04/07 David & Wendee Levy Star Trails the Book Listen Now

12/11/07 David & Wendee Levy Holiday Miscellany Listen Now

12/18/07 David & Wendee Levy Sharing the Sky Listen Now

12/25/07 Scott Roberts A Friend Indeed: Meade's Scott Roberts Listen Now

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