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02/05/08 David & Wendee Levy Book: Observing Meteor Showers Listen Now

02/12/08 Glenn Wallace Glenn Wallace Listen Now

02/19/08 David & Wendee Levy Visitors from England Listen Now

02/26/08 David & Wendee Levy Total Lunar Eclipse 2008 Listen Now

03/04/08 Neil Bone European Astrofest Listen Now

03/11/08 Greg Skye Rumsby European Astrofest Listen Now

03/18/08 Ian Ridpath European Astrofest Listen Now

03/25/08 Jack Newton Jack Newton Listen Now

04/01/08 Scott Roberts In Transition Listen Now

04/08/08 Tom Glinos CN3T Listen Now

04/15/08 David & Wendee Levy Friends from Germany Listen Now

04/22/08 Alex Sheeline Alex Sheeline Listen Now

04/29/08 David & Wendee Levy A Fine Old Observatory Listen Now

05/06/08 David & Wendee Levy Vail Astronomy Unclub Listen Now

05/13/08 David & Wendee Levy Spincasting the LSST Listen Now

05/20/08 Pierre Schwob Pierre Schwob Listen Now

05/27/08 Bob Denny ACP Observatory Control Software Listen Now

06/03/08 David & Wendee Levy An Albuquerque Astronomy Class Listen Now

06/10/08 David & Wendee Levy What is an Astronomy Unclub? Listen Now

06/17/08 Jim Scotti Jim Scotti Listen Now

06/24/08 Terri Lappin Terry Lappin Listen Now

07/01/08 David & Wendee Levy Astronomy to Go Listen Now

07/08/08 David & Wendee Levy Thank You Party Listen Now

07/15/08 David & Wendee Levy Adirondack Astronomy Retreat 2008 Listen Now

07/22/08 David & Wendee Levy Explore Scientific Listen Now

07/29/08 David & Wendee Levy Eclipse Preview Listen Now

08/12/08 David & Wendee Levy Let's Talk Stars Moscow Listen Now

08/19/08 David & Wendee Levy 2008 Total Eclipse of the Sun Listen Now

08/26/08 David & Wendee Levy Eclipse Wrapup Listen Now

09/02/08 John Dobson John Dobson and Entourage Listen Now

09/09/08 David Rosseter David Rosseter Listen Now

09/16/08 Martin Rice Martin Rice Listen Now

09/23/08 Steve Durham Steve Durham Listen Now

09/30/08 Patrice Scattolin Patrice Scattolin Listen Now

10/07/08 David & Wendee Levy International Year of Astronomy Listen Now

10/14/08 Greg Taylor Greg Taylor Listen Now

10/21/08 David Mowry David Mowry Listen Now

12/09/08 David & Wendee Levy An Adirondack Night Listen Now

12/16/08 David & Wendee Levy Adirondack Astronomy Retreat Final Night Listen Now

12/23/08 David & Wendee Levy Adirondack Astronomy Retreat Wrapup Show Listen Now

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